Friday, July 11, 2008

Travel Route

This is one route we take some mornings to work. We vary it per Fluor rules.
There are several layers of security. once off the main highway, we first proceed through a checkpoint manned by the Saudi Marines complete with rifles and side arms. Trunks are opened. We navigate through concrete barriers past a bunker with machine guns.
The next stop is at the jobsite gate. This is run by a different group. Supplementing them are more Marines in another camoflauge house.
After work, returning back to the village, the car bottom is inspected with mirrors and the trunk is opened. There are concrete barriers and steel gates to slow the traffic. The opposite lane has tire puncture spikes.
The bay side of the village has a barrier to slow/stop boats. Rumor has it that there is a laser detection system like in the movies. At each end of our beach is manned and gunned observation tower.
We feel very safe and have not had any problems. It is reassuring that the Saudis protect their visitors so well.


Betsy said...

So, how long does it take to get to work with all the stops? I am glad that they are taking all of those precautions, it makes me feel better.

eclair said...

I am reading this with a stunned face!! We all live in a High risk country and the situation remains so to date. It is extremely unwise to post travel routes with maps to work and detailed descriptions of security measures. Of course all this information can be found out but putting it out there in open view is simple naive!