Saturday, July 19, 2008

Night at Murjan

The lighting here at night is quite dramatic. The photo to the left is the front of my building. I used the ISO setting so it is "grainy" and no flash.

There are a few fountain around along with lots of shade seating areas. You can see the red, green, blue, and yellow lights in this shot. Everything is well landscaped with lots of flowering bushes and perennials.

Some of what I thought were palm trees are actually date trees. i had my first "fresh" date today, straight off a tree. The appearance reminded me of an acorn except it was not anything like that. The bottom half was ripe and colored a dark honey brown. The top stem half was a white yellow custard color. To eat, I bit the ripe part off and it was very sweet and creamy. I then extracted the seed out with my teeth and spit it out. Then I extracted the rest of the sweet meat from the middle leaving the white hull that was very fibrous which I did not eat.

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