Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I celebrated July 4th in a foreign country. What a reminder of the freedoms we have in the USA. We have freedom of press, religion, and the pursuit of happiness. We also have the responsibilities to exercise these freedoms for good or bad. There was no law stopping me from coming here. There is no law forcing me to attend church or mosque. No law to stop me from criticizing or complementing the government. I have a voice no matter how small. There is no law to stop men and women from interacting.

Today, some of us gathered on the compound and remembered our heritage with a multi-cultural feast of buffalo wings, chili con queso, grilled rib eye steaks, mesquite smoked chicken, potato salad, bar-b-que beans, corn bread, apple strudel, and water melon. We listened to Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Neil Young, and other distinctly American music.

A view of the Arabian Gulf. It was quite beautiful. The water was green though the picture show it as blue. It was only 111 degrees F when I took this picture.

I took my first swim today in the Gulf. The water is very salty and I could float effortlessly. When getting out, the water evaporates very quickly making you quite cool. About 10 minutes later you have to get back in because it so hot. I was reading a magazine in the shade and the paper was noticeably warm.

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