Friday, August 22, 2008

So, Tom, What Junk Food Do You Eat?

Ramadan is coming up in September so the stores are selling special products. During Ramadan, Muslims fast during day light hours and then celebrate during the evening. To break the fast, they enjoy a fruit flavored drink. Vimto (not shown), Towt, and Tono are three popular products used. They are concentrated syrups added to water (or bubbling water or other liquid). It is very sweet. Vimto has a web site where you can Shlurple the Purple and read about the health benefits of their product.
Frito Lay has some flavors we just can't get in the US. Vine Leaves. The bag states it "is a traditional Mediterranean tasty dish for all occasions. Rich in several important nutrients, vine leaves can also be savored along with yogurt." If you have had Greek grape leaves (dolmades) stuffed with rice (and/or lamb), there is a suggestion of that flavor. To me, it tasted tomato-ey (even though there is none), vinegary, olive-y. It wasn't bad and I may have it again.
This, of course, is Indian-based but quite popular here in Saudi. Again, the flavor is not strong but there.

Maybe Frito Lay should sell an international flavors pack.

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