Friday, August 22, 2008

New Apartment

The first apartment I was in was temporary until the Fluor apartments were ready. The first one was provided by Sipchem and is for a married couple.
This new apartment is half the square meters with no floor to ceiling windows or balconies, which I miss. I am fortunate, though, to have a single and not have a two bedroom to share with someone who may smoke, be noisier, or messier. The gentleman next to me smokes and comes through the walls or HVAC ducts or some gap I cannot find. This photo is how the living room was arranged when you step into the apartment. The sofa is long enough to nap on. The TV is flat screen which is nice. I have been watching the Olympics when I am home before and after work and today, Friday. The dining room table is right there.
Take two quick lefts and you are in the kitchen. The cabinets and drawers are about 3 inches shallower so dishes and boxes (aluminum, saran wrap) don't fit. Microwaves are not provided because they are considered unsafe here.
Step out of the kitchen and take a left and you are in the bathroom. The hand sink is in front of the toilet and the washer/dryer are to the left behind the door when facing the toilet. You can get a lot of business done in this one room!
Step out of the bathroom and left one more time and you are in the bedroom. I walked to the far wall and took this photo. You can see the refrigerator door down the hallway. The bed is a regular; in the first apartment it was a king. i do have a reading light and am reading "Blood and Thunder" by Hampton Sides. It is about Kit Carson and America's manifest destiny to the Pacific.


Tikwa said...

Wow... the apartment looks pretty nice!!!

Michelle W said...

Did I buy that book for you?

I think my dorm room and your apt are about the same size!

NMosson said...

Dear Sir,
I may soon be also a resident of the Murjan Village in Jubail. I try to find out some pictures and brochures, and advises & experiences of peoples living there.
If you would like to share your experience, feel free to drop me a mail at:

Looking for you soon,
Best regards,