Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Quick View

It's around 6 pm and waiting for prayer time to start and end so that I can eat at the compound restaurant. Should be around 7 pm when it ends. There are a lot of birds here because we are next to the ocean and there is a lot of water because they water all the landscaping. Most everyone leaves at 5 pm because the work hours are so strict. Two people walk around each morning to take attendance. Two because one may be lying. They lock the lunchroom door 10 minutes before lunch so the Filipino don't start lunch early. Yesterday we had a mini celebration to hand out service awards (years worked at Fluor) and spot bonuses for jobs well done. They had Subway wraps, Lays chips (various flavors), Coke and Pepsi, and Kispy Kreme donuts. The Filipinos were grabbing 2, 3, 4 sandwiches and donuts so that there would not be enough for everyone. The project manager and HR guy yelled at them to take one each and IF there were some left, they were welcome to it. Wild.

By Saudi law, work stops when it is above 50 dec C (122 deg F). Officially, it has never been that hot. The unofficial thermometer on site ready 54 deg C (132 deg F). Whichever it was, it was HOT. You don't feel the perspiration because it evaporates so quick. It is easy to become dehydrated. There are signs all over about avoiding dehydration, the symptoms of heat stress/stroke, and check your urine color.

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